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Financial disaster Lenny Dykstra is on a mission to raise enough cash to post bail — hitting up Charlie Sheen and a bunch of other rich people he knows — but so far, he’s striking out big-time.


Sources connected to the former MLB great tell TMZ … Lenny’s people are scrambling behind the scenes to come up with $50,000 — 10% of the $500,000 bail price — so they can spring Lenny from an L.A. jail  where he’s been stewing since he was booked on 23 felony charges earlier this week.

We’re told Dykstra’s right-hand guy tried to set up a meeting with Lenny’s pal Charlie Sheen — who helped bail Lenny out of jail earlier this year — but Charlie’s assistant turned him away.

Lenny’s people then approached two wealthy members of the Philadelphia sports community — but they weren’t willing to fork over any cash either.

Since they can’t score a check, Lenny’s people are now toying with the idea of throwing a celebrity fundraiser — in the hopes some of Dykstra’s friends like Darryl Strawberry , Dwight Gooden and Sheen will donate their time for the cause.

Meantime, Dykstra is scheduled to go in front of a judge today — where he’s expected to ask for a reduction in bail … but with Lenny’s history of legal trouble, we’re guessing it ain’t gonna happen.