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Spencer Pratt is furious at Virgin Mobile — telling TMZ, the cell company’s new celeb couple spoof “Sparah” is blatantly copying Speidi … and now he wants Virgin to start paying up for using his likeness.


If you haven’t seen the commercials … Virgin Mobile’s new ad campaign is built entirely around a fake Hollywood couple called “Sparah” — a mashup of the names Spencer and Sarah — and Pratt is pissed he and Heidi have become the target of a national joke … with no paycheck to show for it.

According to Spencer, Speidi’s getting ripped off — telling us, “They
should being paying for using our likeness. It’s obvious they are trying
to be us.”

0527_sparah_commercial_min_playerPratt doesn’t stop there — adding, he and Heidi “hate” Sparah … “It’s nuts how much [Virgin is] promoting them, when they are obviously copying us.”

Attempts to reach Virgin’s celeb couple were unsuccessful — but we’re guessing … “Sparah has no comment.”